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Clay Paky V.I.P. 1200 -------  OOK TEHUUR

There is something new in architectural lighting: Clay Paky's V.I.P. 1200, the only projector specifically designed for long distance projection of stationary and moving images, writing, logos and adver-tisements. With its powerful beam, obtained by combining a 1200 Watt discharge lamp with the traditional Clay Paky high quality optical unit, V.I.P. 1200 can project onto walls, facades and architectural features from over 50 meters away, which is a remarkable distance.

V.I.P. 1200 is now the head of the Display Line, Clay Paky's range of projectors that has brought innovation and creativity into visual communication and architectural lighting. V.I.P. 1200 has inherited the line's extraordinary versatility: it offers a series of accessories that allow you to re-produce, color, multiply or rotate images and writing, as well as tone down luminos-ty with an iris or a dimmer. These accessories are all compatible and easily stored inside the projector. They can work automatically in "Stand Alone" mode or controlled by DMX from a lighting desk.


V.I.P. 1200 also offers a choice of 5 lenses to meet any projection requirement, whatever the distance. V.I.P. 1200 is ideal for shopping centers, exhibitions, large industrial presentations, showrooms and cinemas. V.I.P. 1200 can also be used outdoors with the special "outdoor covering" optional accessory (turn-ing it into IP 44 protection rating).

Power supplies available
· 230 V 50 Hz · 240 V 50 Hz · 208 V 60 Hz
· 200 V 50 Hz · 200 V 60 Hz

Input power
1,500VA at 230V 50 Hz
(p.f. correction 140µF standard).

Discharge lamp with built-in power supply unit.
· Type HMI 1200W/ GS.
- Cap SFc 10-4.
- Color temperature 6,000 K.
- Luminous flux 110,000 lm.
- Average life 750 h.
- Any working position.

Optical unit
· Base in die-cast aluminum.
· Twin lens condenser.
· Spherical reflector with a high luminous efficiency.

Inputs: DMX 512.

Protection rating:
· IP20.
· Turning into IP44 with the accessory
"Outdoor Covering".

CE Marking
In conformity with the European Union Low Voltage
Directive 73/23 and Electromagnetic compatibility
Directive 89/336.

Safety Devices
· Bipolar circuit breaker with thermal protection.
· Automatic break in power supply in case of overheating or failed operation of cooling system.
· Automatic disconnection of the power supply at the opening of the re-lam ping cover.

Forced ventilation with axial fans.

· In die-cast and extruded aluminum.
· Epoxy powder painting.

Working position
Functioning in any position.

Weight: about 35 kg (lbs 77).



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